Welcome to Lates Pilates Studio

Latés Pilates Studio in the heart of Fox Chapel just minutes away from downtown Pittsburgh.

Latés Pilates is fully equipped with Balance Body Reformer/Tower units.

We specialize in Privates, Duets, and Small Group Classes.

No matter if you are taking a Private or a class you will always receive personal coaching from our compassionate instructors.

All of our teachers are fully certified with an intense background in movement therapy.

Pilates is a body conditioning method that improves strength, flexibility, and posture without unnecessary strain.

As a practicing cardiologist I often preach physical fitness to my patients.
Since beginning classes at Lates Pilates Studio I have never felt more fit and flexible,
my chronic sore back is a distant memory.  I recommend this form of exercise to all my friends and patients.~ Micheal F Hagerty M.D